2022 Tournament

2012-13 Girls Champions “Timber Wolves”
2010-11 Boys Champions “Bill’s Boys”
2007-08 Boys Champions “AFC Richmond”
Adult Coed Champions “Undercats”
2012-13 Boys Champions “Real Cobras”
2007-08 Girls Champions “Soccer Beats”
2005-06 Girls Champions “Hurstlers”
Adult Men Champions “AFRICSOUTHMERICA”

2021 Tournament

2011-13 Girls Champions “Billings Wolves”
2009-11 Boys Champions
2006 Girls Champions
2003 Boys Champions
2008-10 Girls Champions “Grasskickers” ’09
2006-08 Boys Champions
2003-05 Girls Champions “Soy Milk”
Adult Coed Champions

2020 Tournament

The year we lost to COVID but we bounced be back!

2019 Tournament Champions

Teams not pictured due to weather cancellations:

  • U14 Girls “Goal Crushers”
  • U17 Coed “Moore Goals”
U8 Girls Champions “Crusaders”
U10 Boys Champions “Green Machines”
U12 Boys Champions “Nutmeggers”
U16 Girls Champions “Big Dawgs”
Adult Men Champions “Canadian Royals”
U10 Girls Champions “Rainbow Flamers”
U12 Girls Champions “Stingers”
U14 Boys Champions “Magic City Reboot”
Adult Women Champions “Benchwarmers”
Adult Coed Champions “50 Shades of Awesome”

2018 Tournament Champions

U10 Girls Champions “Lions”
U12 Girls Champions “It’s About to Get Messi”
U16 Boys Champions “GG”
U18 Girls Champions “Big Booties”
Adult Men Champions “SkyWest”
U12 Boys Champions “Net Crashers”
U14 Girls Champions “#2Legit2Quit”
U16 Girls Champions “Sons of a Pitch”
Adult Coed Champions “Krew”
Adult Women Champions “Really Good Team”

2017 Tournament Champions

U10 Coed Champions “Sarah’s”
U12 Girls Group B Champions “M.E.E.K.”
U16/U18 Girls Champions “Grass Kickers”
Adult Women Champions “The Ball Handlers”
Adult Coed Champions “The Buttercups”
U12 Girls Group A Champions “Crossfire 2”
U14 Coed Champions “Heights FC”
U16/U18 Boys Champions “Just Signed RONALDO”
Adult Men Champions “No Left Foot”